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These steps must be completed four times, once for each God's temple. The temples can be completed in any order.

Upon entering a God's tower, go to the top floor and find the large gong. Ring the gong by interacting with it (F on PC), and a Champion (mini-boss) will appear from above. Once the Champion is dead, you must pick up its head. Potential Champions include:

With all four heads in hand, reach the lowest section of the map (Temple) and place them on the four spikes around the center altar. Once completed, the Pack-a-Punch will appear.

Main Quest

Before you can begin the Main Easter Egg, you must first unlock the Pack-a-Punch. You will also need to have a Death of Orion on at least one player.

There are four sub-quests you must complete in a particular order to finish the first section of the main quest. Each quest centers around one of the four Gods, and are often found within that God's Temple.

You must be on at least Normal difficulty to complete the main quest line.


Collect the Ingredients


Inside the temple, there are small walls of skulls throughout the area. One of these skulls will have a blue symbol on its head. While looking at the skull, you must activate your special weapon, then interact with it. If done correctly, the skull will pop out of the wall and can be picked up.

Next you will need to take the skull and the Death of Orion to the Flooded Crypts. A grinder will appear in one of severl locations in the Flooded Crypts. Place the skull inside of it and shoot the grinder with the Death of Orion, fully charged, three times. Once completed, the skull will have been turned into bonemeal. Pick up the bonemeal to proceed.


Inside the main Arena will be two large pyres. You must lure a Gladiator near one of the pyres and have them throw their axes through it. If done correctly a chunk of wood should fall off. Pick it up.

Head to the basement of Odin Tower and look above the large cauldron in the center of the room. Interact with the cauldron to place the wood piece into one of the chains hanging from the ceiling. Wait two rounds. After two rounds, pick up the now burned wood.


In order to retrieve the poo, you must get minimum Crowd Affinity. Go to the arena with minimum Crowd Affinity and eventually the crowd will throw a pile of poop into the Arena. Simply run over to the pile to pick it up. You will take damage and lose points.

Mix the Ingredients

With all three ingredients in hand, proceed to the basement of Zeus tower. Next to the Blood Bath, there will be a large bowl on a counter. Interact with the bowl to place the three ingredients inside.

Wait 2 rounds.

Once the ingredients are fully mixed, the resulting mixture will have a green gas cloud above it. Pick up the mixture.

Open the Portal

Take the mixture to the basement of Danu Tower and place it between the trunks of the two trees.

Wait 2 rounds.

Once the mixture is ready, it will begin giving off the green gas cloud again. Lure a zombie over the mixture and kill it with a gun upgraded with Fire Bomb to cause a small explosion. Once done, there will be large blue cracks in the ground where the mixture once sat.

Have all players stand on the crack for several seconds. Eventually the players will be transported to a new instance of Danu Tower.

Kill the Red Sacs

All players should look up to the tree and begin shooting the cluster of red sacs. Once all four sacs are popped, a free Max Ammo will appear and the staircase to the next floor will be opened.

Repeat this process twice more on the ground and top floors to complete Danu's quest.


Once Danu has been completed, four bull heads will appear in one of several random locations across the map. You must shoot each of these heads with the Brazen Bull to summon a Gladiator. Kill each of these Gladiators and then proceed to the top floor of Ra Tower.

The black Obelisk in the center of the room will now have a blue symbol etched into it. All the players must interact with the symbol to be transported to a new instance of Ra Tower.

Next, you will need to watch the obelisk and remember the four symbols that appear and which order they appear in. Each symbol corresponds with a Special Enemy. You must kill each of these enemies in the order that their symbols appeared on the Obelisk. If you kill an enemy out of order, you will be removed from the instance, and must finish the round before being allowed to try again.

This challenge must be completed twice.


After Ra has been completed, a symbol will appear on the pedastal in the center of the Challenge platform. When all four players interact with the symbol, they will be teleported to a new instance of the Temple/Crypts.

Four poles will spawn within several windows near each of the four temples. Shooting these poles will cause them to rise up towards the ceiling. Once all four poles have been shot, proceed to the Arena.

The four poles can be found on the edges of the Arena near each of the temples. A blue ring can be found on the ground encircling a pole. You must kill enough enemies in the ring using the Kill-O-Watt Pack-a-Punch effect for the pole to become charged.

When a pole is fully charged, one of the Challenge Bowls in the center of the arena will be brightly lit.

Once all four poles have been lit, you will be given an unlimited specialist weapon and need to survive an onslaught of Gladiators and Brawlers.


Once the unlimited specialist weapon round has been survived, nine blue symbols will spawn in the lower section of the map. You must use the Death of Orion to shoot each of these symbols at a particular angle. If shot properly, the symbol will remain illuminated.

Once all nine symbols are lit, proceed to The Pit next to the Brazen Bull. Have all players stand on the grating nearby for ~20 seconds. You will be teleported to a new instance of The Pit and must survive multiple waves.

After surviving, you will be able to return to the normal map and a red portal will have appeared within the Arena.

Boss Fight

After surviving several special infected attacks, a large elephant will spawn. Shoot the armor on its sides to destory it. Once the armor is removed, attack the elephant's head to finish it off.

Once the first elephant is defeated, a second will appear out of the other large gate. Kill this elephant in the same way to complete the bossfight and finish the Main Quest.

God Challenges

Directly after spawning into the map, you should proceed to begin these God Challenges. You must complete at least three in order to unlock the acid trap.

In order to begin the challenges, go to the entrance of one of the God Towers in the arena and locate the banner there. Knifing the rope next to the banner will assign the player to that God and begin the challenges. Note: You will see a message appear with instructions when you are looking at the rope.

Every time you complete a challenge, a reward will be spawned into your God's Bowl on the platform in the center of the arena. For each of the Power Ups, they will spawn on the ground next to the pedastal after interacting with the Bowl.



The potential challenges for each level are listed below. This list is not exhaustive, but simply the challenges that I have personally gotten.

Acid Trap

The acid trap is a buildable trap that is used for several different Easter Egg sections. There are three components that must be picked up.

The three parts are always in the same locations:

With all three pieces, you simply must go to one of the three Acid Trap locations and build the trap (similar to building the shield).

Trap Locations:

Death of Orion

The Death of Orion is IX's unique wonder weapon. It can be Pack-a-Punched once and is used for multiple Easter Egg steps and challnges. It's unique design is simply a live scorpion sitting on top of a handle. When Pack-a-Punched and after charging the bullet before firing, it can hold a group of zombies in place and do some damage. This effect works on Mini-Bosses as well including Blightfathers and Gladiators.

You may retrieve a free Death of Orion by completing the following steps or try your luck at the Mystery Box.

Guaranteed Aquisition

  1. One you open the Pack-a-Punch, you must move to the Danu-Ra Temple Entrance. There you will find a curmbled wall with a fallen portcullis. On the other side you should be able to see a large, flaming bowl. You must simply shoot the bowl to move to the next step.
  2. Next, go to the bridge connecting the top floors of Ra and Danu and look down towards the arena to see a fire. The fire will be pointing towards one of the foor towers.
  3. Go to the tower the flames pointed towards and find a statue head. You can only pick up the statue head once you have reached this point. See the list of locations below for help finding the head.
  4. With head in hand, build the Acid Trap and place the head on the grate below it. Activate the trap and wait until it has finished pouring. Pick up the Spile left remaining.
  5. The next step requires you to maintain full Crowd Affinity for an entire round (For more information, see the Affinity section below.). After surviving the round, you will hear the announcersay "A gift from Serket" and the crowd will throw a small, yellow jar into the Arena, which you must pick up.
  6. Take the Jar into Danu's Tower bottom floor. The right tree (when entering from the Arena) will have a small hole in it facing the other tree. Melee it to place the spile into the hole.
  7. Place the jar below the spile where the sap is flowing.
  8. At the end of the current round, the jar will be "full" and can be picked up again.
  9. Take the jar of poison to the Mystery Box. Look at the front left corner of the box until the "Posion" prompt appears. Once poisoned, the box will turn a green color.
  10. The next weapon received out of the Mystery Box will be a Death of Orion. Any player can use the box, not just the player who poisoned it, and anyone can pay for it and share the weapon.

Crowd Affinity

Statue Head Locations

You can check out Reddit user u/Daddy-Donut's concise video guide on the r/CODZombies subreddit.

Shield - Brazen Bull

There is a shield available on IX with three components you must collect in order to build it. The components are found in the Ra, Zeus, and Odin towers. The workbench is found in The Pit.

Top - Ra Tower

  1. Top floor of the Ra Tower. On the ground next to a pillar to the right of the Champion's Gong.
  2. Top floor of the Ra tower.
  3. Top floor of the Ra tower.

Bottom - Odin Tower

  1. Top floor of the Odin Tower. On the ground across from the Odin Altar.
  2. The ground floor of the Odin Tower. On a rack of shields near the stairs leading down.
  3. The basement of the Odin Tower. Leaning against a small wooden box to the right of the Mystery Box spawn.

Gunblade - Zeus Tower

  1. Top floor. At the base of the statue to the far left of the Zeus Altar.
  2. Ground Floor. In the hand of the statue to the left of the entrance to the Arena.
  3. Basement. On a small ledge near the entrance to the Bloodbath.

Special Enemies

There are several types of special enemies found on IX, which are utilitzed in multiple steps in multiple Easter Eggs.

Name Image Description
Gladiator Large, armored enemies wielding two axes. Armor pieces can be broken off to expose the vulnerable flesh underneath. Can throw his axes to harm the player or other zomibies. Zombies killed by an axe do not count towards the round and will respawn.
Brawler Large, armored enemies with claws on their hands. Less armored than the Gladiator. Leaps at players and begins slicing wildly where they land.
Zombie Tiger Zombified tigers that can prowl around the map. Have low health but do high damage. Move slowly until they pounce.
Fire Zombie A slow moving zombie that will explode if a player gets too close. Can shoot fireballs at players from a distance.
Electric Zombie A slow moving zombie that uses electric rays to blind players. Explode upon death, killing any zombies standing too close.
Water Zombie A fast moving zombie that avoids the player while providing buffs to regular zombies. Zombies buffed by the water zombie will have a blue cloud around their heads.
Poison Zombie A quick moving zombie that brings a cloud of pestilence along with it. Will slowly damage players who stand too close. Explode upon death, killing any zombies standing too close.

Viking Funeral

On the top floor of Odin Tower, there is a Viking skeleton sitting in a small boat. By gathering three pieces, you can give him a proper burial and receive a free bonus perk.

In order to begin the funeral, you must first unlock the Pack-a-Punch.

Item Locations

Once all three items have been placed on the boat, you must throw a Wraith Fire grenade from Zeus tower into the boat.